Frequently asked Questions and Info about our Holiday light Installation Services

When do you come install the holiday lights?


Holiday Light Installations are scheduled from October 1st to Mid December. 

Early Season Installations are typically left with the timer set and unplugged for you to turn on at your preference. The crew will typically arrive between 8am and 6pm.


Who supplies the lights?

The holiday lights installed are owned and professionally maintained by Hayward Brothers. We offer a Lease service, which means that we bring all needed lights, clips, cord & timers for the install & take them all with us when we remove them. 

Who installs the lights?

Hayward Holiday Lights are family owned and operated. Every phone call and email will typically have a Hayward behind it, as well as every on site installation will have one or more Hayward actively installing your Christmas lights. 

Do you offer contact-less services?

Holiday Lighting installation is one of the few services that can be done at your home with zero face to face contact. Our streamlined quoting process paired with online software allow us to quote your service without stepping foot on your property. We offer online payments and our crew can be in and out without contact if requested.

What can I expect?

Our Holiday light services include design, flexible scheduling, installation, maintenance, timely take down and climate controlled storage, Excellent customer service and easy online invoicing and  payments.


When are the Lights taken down?

Removal of the Holiday lights begins immediately following the new year. All lights are down by January’s end weather permitting.


What color options are available?

The most common color choice is, by far, Warm White. Followed by Cool White and Multi Color. Less common colors and Patterns are available upon request. 


Can I supply my own lights?

This is a tough one,

At this time we only lease our lights.

We provide the highest quality lights known in the industry. The commercial grade lights that we supply have been proven to be more energy efficient, brighter, longer lasting and more reliable than anything purchased at boxed stores. Our lights provide the professional look and mind easing reliability that you just cant get anywhere else. 

 Even lights provided by previous "professional" installers aren't always useable, In the years that we have been in business, we have come across quite a few "messes' left behind by previous installers, including light strands that have ripped or cut, low quality lights and clips purchased from overseas or box  stores and even safety & fire hazards where the lights have been custom cut and assembled incorrectly. 

For Safety and insurance purposes, we can only use lights provided by our company.

How much does it cost to have lights installed?

The cost of having holiday lights professionally installed will vary by the linear footage of the roof-line covered and the number of strands used in your landscaping.  And of course, there are always additional costs associated with hanging and wrapping wreaths and garland.


What is included?

An all-inclusive Holiday Light installation Service includes Free Design, no-obligation quotes, Installation, Maintenance, Removal, and Commercial grade LED lights, Clips, Cords & Timers for use for the duration of the holiday season.