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Our Streamlined Process

The Holidays can quickly become the busiest time of the year for everyone.

That is why we have developed our time-saving, hastle-free, no-obligation quoting system. So please, take a moment to get familiar with the process and relax while we make it all happen. 

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Take the time to get to know the Hayward, Explore our galleries, color choices and More

Schedule your Service

Once you have approved your quote, your appointment confirmation will be sent for you to confirm your installation date. 

Submit a quote Request

Fill out our online request form with information about your project. We use the information provided to look up images of your home and create your rendering.

Installation Day

Our expert team will hang the decorations with care, Set the timers and leave you to sit back and enjoy the holidays. 

Review Your Quote

Once you receive your itemized quote, You will have the chance to choose or omit line items before approving your quote.

Removal Time

Similar to scheduling your installation. You will receive an appointment notification letting your know when our team will be removing the decorations. 

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If you still have questions,

head over to our Q&A PAGE for more information.

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